Somaliland is full of other natural attractions including Naasa Hablood Mountains, the twin hills located on the outskirts of Hargeisa. Other notable sights include Mount Daallo, the most beautiful mountain in Somaliland, the Sheikh Mountains & bypass, Berbera beach, and the various attractions in Hargeisa city centre.

Hargeisa is the capital and the largest city in Somaliland. There is an international airport in Hargeisa, Berbera and Burao, receiving weekly flights from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) Dubai, Djibouti, Kenya and Somalia.

Somaliland Cities & Regions

Hargeisa is the capital and the largest city in Somaliland. The city was also the colonial capital of British Somaliland. However, since 1991the city has rebuilt itself and become more important than it ever was before.

 is the second largest city in Somaliland and the regional capital of the Togdheer region. Burao is also an important commercial centre, and hosts the largest livestock market in the region.

 is a coastal city and serves as the biggest seaport for Somaliland. Berbera is the regional capital of the Sahil region.

 is the regional and commercial capital of the Awdal region. The city is home to the reputable Amoud University.

Las Anod
 is the regional capital of the Sool region. It’s also the capital of Las Anod District. The Sool region has other three districts, which are Ainabo, Taleh and Hudun. The region is unstable as a result of ongoing dispute between Somaliland and Puntland.

 lays northeast of Somaliland surrounded by very beautiful natural views like that of Mount Daallo, the pride of Somaliland. On its top you will be able to see an extremely beautiful sight of the sea.

 Town is an ancient port city in the Salal Region of Somaliland. It’s bordered by Awdal region and the Gulf of Aden.

 is a small town about 54 km west of Hargeisa. It’s the administrative centre of the district of Gabiley. Gabiley is located on Somaliland’s western fertile region known as “Dhul-beereed”. Gabiley is often called the bread basket of Somaliland because of its agricultural productivity.

 is a major hub town situated on the border between Somaliland and Ethiopia. It’s a busy town that links the two countries and all imports destined to Ethiopia from the port of Berbera go through this strategic border town.

 Town is the administrative centre of the Odweyne region. Due to its close proximity to Burao it has redeveloped to become an emerging market town.

Sheikh Town
 is a small town on the top of the escarpment that runs parallel to the Gulf of Aden, right the way from Djibouti to the west, and beyond Bossaso to the east in Puntland. When the British were in charge of Somaliland, Sheikh was their favourite place for a retreat from the heat of the arid lands. The town is well known for its notable attractions which includes the Sheikh Mountains and the former British school. The surrounding area of the town is well wooded, and contains some unique plants.